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Taqueria Xochi is the brainchild of Chef Teresa Padilla and Geraldine Mendoza, both veterans of José Andrés Group restaurants. Most recently at China Chilcano in Washington, DC. Teresa and Director of Operations, Geraldine Mendoza, are two of the many skilled restaurant workers displaced from their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pair wanted to introduce Cemitas, Puebla-style Mexican sandwiches, and other authentic Mexican dishes to the DC area. With Geraldine's help, Teresa use her furlough as an opportunity to open the fast-casual Mexican restaurant. Taqueria Xochi, is named after the ruins of Xochitecalt located in Tlaxcala in central Mexico. Through the menu, you can enjoy delicious and authentic dishes like Tlayudas, Cemitas, and Tacos. After a successful pre-launch out of a ghost kitchen, Taqueria Xochi opened its full-time location on U st NW.

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